Web Redesign

Web Redesign
CADENA Homepage

CADENA is a Mexican NGO with a growing worldwide presence, focused on providing emergency and disaster relief, as well as helping communities become more resilient.


Thanks to its worldwide expansion, CADENA needed a new way to centrally manage content, missions and information—both global and regional, as well as a way to raise funds online in a flexible and comprehensive way, letting funds be quickly transferred to local programs and crises around the World.


The new CADENA site was developed with scalability and ease of use in mind. The site's redesign is very visual, giving all age groups very clear visual cues about the on-screen content. The entire experience was rebuilt from the ground up, removing bloat and improving upon the previous design.


  • Built on WordPress.
  • Multilingual & Multicurrency.
  • UX Research, User Journeys & Personas.
  • Automatic content sorting allows easier scaling and onboarding for local teams.
  • P2P Donation, Crowdfunding, Ticket-Selling Platform & Online Store.
  • CMS & Fundraising Campaign Management.
  • Ongoing advising and consulting on Lead Gen, MKT, Campaigns.