Web Design

Web Design
SABEResPODER desktop website

SABEResPODER is a leading startup providing a targeted multimedia platform for Hispanic immigrants seeking resources to establish themselves in the U.S.


A big part of SeP's target market is either technologically lagged or afraid of using digital devices. The main challenge was developing a platform that was extremely robust in functionality, while maintaining an inviting, accessible, easy to navigate, and lightweight interface.


The design process behind SeP's portal was a very comprehensive project that was in constant evolution for more than a year. The Build-Test-Iterate methodology gave us the flexibility to continue the learning process on-the-go. End-User functionality testing provided us with valuable feedback to prioritize and pivot accordingly, if needed.


  • Mobile-Only, standards-compliant, super lightweight code.
  • Continuous iteration and flow testing.
  • Design Thinking methodology.
  • UX Testing, A/B Testing.
  • UI Kit & Design System.
  • Onboarding Architecture Design.
  • Custom Icon Font for universal brand use.